Useful information on Hotel Pickwick in Lucerne

Would you like to know more about our hotel? Here you will find useful information from A to Z. Whether you want to explore the city of Lucerne, take a boat trip on Lake Lucerne or get information on the restaurants in the vicinity - this is where to look. If you can't find a specific piece of information on the hotel or your stay in Lucerne, we will be happy to help you over the phone (+41 41 410 59 27) or by e-mail (

  • AC

    Air-conditioning is unfortunately not provided (due to the age and structure of the building), but we provide electric fans in each room.

  • Arrival

    Check-in is possible from 15.00 hrs. Check-in takes place at the bar in the Mr. Pickwick Pub. The pub entrance can be found by walking along the riverfront (Rathausquai 6). You also have the opportunity to leave your luggage in the Mr. Pickwick Pub from 9.00 hrs onwards. Further information is available upon arrival.

  • Bank

    In the immediate vicinity of the bus and railway station, just a short walk over the main bridge, you will find many of the high street banks.

  • Boat / Ship

    The "Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees" is located at the central station. Why not buy a ticket and enjoy the interior of Switzerland on Lake Lucerne?

  • Breakfast

    A sumptuous breakfast is also available in the nearby restaurants: For example: Hotel Des Alpes, Hotel Weisses Kreuz, Starbucks, Bakery Heini, Bakery Merz, etc.

  • Coffee and Tea

    Tea and coffee making facilities are provided in each room. Please do not use for cooking or boiling milk.

  • Defibrillator

    Is located at the rear hotel exit.

  • Departure

    Check-out by 11.00 hrs. Please leave your key in one of the key boxes on each floor or in the key box at the hotel entrance.

  • Dining out in Lucerne

    There are numerous very good restaurants in the vicinity. Our tips: British: Classic British pub food can be conveniently ordered in our Mr. Pickwick Pub. Italian: Restaurant Da Ernesto is just a few steps further along the waterfront (Rathausquai 11). The restaurant offers an authentic selection of pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes, or sample the popular antipasti buffet. Swiss Cuisine: Partake of the finest Swiss specialities in a refined atmosphere in the Old Swiss House, Löwenplatz 4. Asian: Bambou Fusion Cuisine (East meets West). In the basement of "The Hotel", Sempacherstrasse 14. You can discover more tips by clicking on restaurants via:

  • Emergency

    If you should require medical help, please dial the following emergency number: 144. There is a medical centre for emergencies in the railway station.

  • Emergency Exits

    Follow the instructions in your rooms and in the hallways. In the event of an emergency follow the green illuminated signs.

  • Emergency Numbers

    Internal hotel staff: 115 / External emergency services: 112.

  • Excursions

    You can obtain information on cruises, museums, theatres, day trips, etc. by visiting the Tourist Information Office located at Zentralstrasse 5 on platform 1 of the railway station. Phone: +41 41 221 17 17.

  • Festivals and Markets in Lucerne

    Luzern's weekly market: Every Tuesday and Saturday from 06.00 to 13.00 hrs, the most beautiful weekly market in Switzerland takes place on both sides of the river Reuss at Rathausquai and "Unter der Egg" (right bank), as well as on the "Jesuitenplatz", and the famous Bahnhofstrasse (left bank). Fasnacht (Shrove Tuesday): The Lucerne carnival, Fasnacht, takes place every year in February or March combining all the traditional Shrove Tuesday customs of Central Switzerland. The carnival is unique in its historical development, its character and diversity, which explains why ever-greater numbers of visitors from home and abroad are drawn to it from one year to the next. You cannot miss this event because when you are with us, you are right in the thick of it! Luzern Festival: The largest of Central Switzerland's festivals takes place every year on the last Saturday in June. Blue Balls Festival: In July, national and international musicians perform in the open air as well as in various concert halls. You can obtain information on the exact programme and tickets from the Tourist Information Office or under Click on for more details of festivals and events.

  • Fire

    Please read the information displayed on the back of your room door.

  • Fire Extinguisher

    A fire extinguisher is located in the corridor on every floor.

  • First Aid

    A first aid kit is located at the pub.

  • Going Out

    In Lucerne, there are lots of opportunities for an evening out. Have a look at the CityGuide Lucerne for more details. To start off the evening, we recommend trying out the typical British pub atmosphere experienced in our own Mr. Pickwick Pub!

  • Internet

    Wireless LAN is available throughout the entire building. There is also a computer with Internet access available at reception by the rear hotel entrance. Please ask for the code to access the wireless LAN at the Mr. Pickwick Pub bar.

  • Lockers

    If you arrive early or leave late, we recommend the use of lockers at the SBB train station. A small locker costs CHF 6.- / 24 h, and a large locker costs CHF 9.- / 24 h.


    Please hand over any lost property at the bar. If you are looking for your own lost property, please also contact the bar staff.

  • Luggage storage Service

    Please leave your packed luggage ready in your room. Lock your room and put the key into the key box in the corridor. We will then safely store your luggage. Please pick up your luggage, no later than 17.00 hrs from the pub. You will find more lockers at the SBB train station.

  • Mr. Pickwick Pub

    The place where people meet! Quite definitely not to be missed! "Enjoy a pint as the British do." We have a large selection of English and Irish beers on tap, as well as traditional English specialities made in our kitchen, such as fish 'n' chips and "the best burgers in town". Why not indulge yourself and feel right at home because our pub is "a home away from home".


    In our pub, you can read the "Neue Luzerner Zeitung". International newspapers and magazines are available at every kiosk.

  • Parking

    The parking tickets for public parking with a validity of 24 h, cost CHF 15.- and can be purchased at the pub bar (does not apply to short-term parking and car park).

  • Payment

    We accept Visa, Amex, Eurocard, Maestro, Postcard, Diners Club, Reka checks, and, of course, cash too.

  • Pharmacy

    The nearest chemist is located at the railway station, a 3 - 4 minute walk across the bridge from the hotel. Open every day.

  • Reception

    The reception desk at the rear hotel entrance is unoccupied. For any questions, please contact our pub crew between 9.00 - 24.00 hrs.

  • Safe

    A combination safe is available in every room. Please read the instructions on the safe and use it to lock away any valuables.

  • Smoking

    To protect employees in public places, smoking inside the hotel and the pub is prohibited by law.

  • Taxi

    A taxi rank is located at the bus station next to the railway station. Taxi Olé: +41 (0)41 360 55 55, Taxi Hess: +41 (0)41 310 10 10.

  • Train & Bus

    The train and bus stations are only a 5 minute walk over the bridge. For train connections, please click on

  • Washing

    You may use the washing machines on the 3rd floor. You will need 20-cent pieces (change available from our Mr. Pickwick Pub). Approximately CHF 5.- for 1 x washing and 1 x tumble drying.